Coronavirus Company Statement

Health matters

As a firm of Chartered Surveyors, much of our work involves inspecting people’s homes. Inevitably, we encounter homeowners, their families or friends and other members of the public on a regular basis. We are mindful of concerns regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) and would like to reassure you that your health along with that of our team, is our primary concern. 

We are taking significant precautions

We are all working from home but still contactable through the same phone numbers. Normally we would have regular meetings, both internally and with clients, trading partners and those we negotiate with. In the current environment, and until further notice, all our meetings are now held online. This means the risk of the virus spreading within our organisation is very low.

Inspecting properties safely

Since 13th May, 2020, Government advice has been to allow Surveyors to enter peoples homes, whether occupied or not for Surveys and Valuations

Whilst Government have provided advice on what precautions to take, we as a company have decided to be more cautious still. When booking an inspection with us, we shall provide information to you on what you or the occupiers can expect from us and what we expect from you or the occupiers.

The precautions we are taking including extensive use of PPE are for the occupiers benefit as well as our own team members benefit.

However, we are acutely aware that however many precautions are taken, there will be some instances where a physical inspection is not possible. Sometimes this will mean that we need to delay until a time when life has returned closer to normal.

Sometimes, we will be able to agree to undertake a desktop valuation or one where we inspect externally only. In these instances, we shall explain the limitations before you decide whether or not to instruct us.

Where we do not inspect internally, we may ask for photographs and other records of evidence to improve the reliability of our reports.

It’s potentially the worst time to put your property requirements on hold

During this period of uncertainty more than ever before, good professional advice on how to protect or enhance your investments or deal with other property matters is needed.

With sales now able to happen again, getting a Survey in place quickly will provide surety of whether the property you are considering buying is worth the investment you are making.

Leases are getting shorter, potentially increasing the cost to extend them.

Leaseholders may see predicted falling property prices as a good time to enfranchise, buying the freehold.

Those in Housing Association shared ownership properties may see it as a good time to staircase if values do fall.

Property litigation will still happen.

With the impact of the virus on property values so uncertain, there will be risks to mitigate against and opportunities to grab with both hands.

Life must go on as much as possible and we shall be available to help where we can.

Interaction with our team

Whilst our team are working from home, we do so through a Cloud-based case management system. We are unusual for a small company in that we run an almost paperless office, having long been heavily reliant on technology. This means that we can access your entire property file remotely from our homes and maintain the excellent level of customer care that we pride ourselves on.

We are also still contactable by phone with calls to our normal office numbers diverted to team member mobile phones, at our expense.

We have a conference call facility where if a number of people need to speak on the phone at the same time, they can do so.

We are also able to do video calls with up to 250 people at any one time.

Service should have minimal disruption and we look forward to helping you where we are able to.

All we ask please is a little patience as a country largely working from home provides practical issues such as the risk of small children stepping in on calls.

Changing times

We continue to monitor advice from Government and the NHS on precautions that we and others should be taking. As advice changes, our own approach will inevitably evolve with it. We will be responsive and responsible, with our clients and our teams health at the forefront of everything we do, whilst continuing business as normal as much as we are able to.


The coming weeks and months will no doubt continue to be challenging. We are all ‘in it’ together and life for all of us will improve.

The services our clients need shall continue. We are ready to help and shall continue to be.

We remain confident and will continue to offer our full service where possible as we appreciate that life must go on where possible and safe. In a challenging property market, we shall remain a safe pair of hands, just when our clients need us the most.

As Dylan Thomas wrote –

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”

It may be gloomy down here at the moment but looking up, it’s very bright. Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Best wishes

Richard Stacey BA (Hons) PG DipSurv, MRICS

Director & RICS Registered Valuer



Dan Knowles LLB (Hons) PG Dip, MRICS

Director & RICS Registered Valuer


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