Lease Extension Webinar

We’re used to providing advice on Lease extensions and Enfranchisement in crowded rooms in front of lots of invited guests. We like to con ourselves that attendees are there due to our charm and rugged good looks. We know though that it’s actually due to an insatiable thirst to know more about how to extend their lease. Of course! It couldn’t be anything else.

For a first time today though, rather than standing room only, our attendees were all sat, mostly at home in front of their PC or laptop screens whilst we presented on a Zoom Webinar. It’s the ‘new normal’ they say. A different way of working. In much the same way that words like ‘prorogue’ and ‘furlough’ have only entered the lexicon in recent months, the term ‘the new normal’ is also becoming part of the zeitgeist.

What wasn’t unusual at all though was the double act of our Director Richard Stacey and his esteemed co-presenter Jeremy Teall who is a Partner at Prince Evans Solicitors. It was the West London firms’ event that Richard was happy to be a guest speaker at. We do of course work with a number of different solicitors who we are happy to recommend, but Prince Evans are definitely amongst the best.

The audience was engaged. At least we like to think so. Not being able to see them does mean we cant catch the over-eager groupie at the front (occasionally Surveyors or Solicitors do have them – honest!) or the practitioner dozing off at the back who is only there for the CPD. The stats though we get from Zoom suggested that nearly everyone stayed till the end so we’ll take that as a positive. Again, ‘the new norm’, complete with user interaction statistics.

We’re likely to do more of these Webinars as we enjoyed this one so much. It helps if you love what you do. If helps if you know what you’re talking about. It also helps if you have a practice run beforehand to work out how to turn it off at the end. We found that one out early!

If you attended the Zoom webinar, thank you for coming and please talk to us if we can help you in any way.

If you didn’t make it, then for a limited time, it is being replayed on Prince Evans Solicitors’ facebook page.

Like many reruns, it get’s better with age (see Dads Army, Porridge etc, don’t see anything showing fashion from the 70s), so check it out.

Article written and Webinar provided on 5th June 2020.