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We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in London providing a range of Residential Valuations and Surveys. We are also RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Registered Valuers.

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LEASE extensions

At Websters Surveyors, our lease extension Surveyors have a wealth of experience in supporting leaseholders (tenants) and freeholders (landlords) or intermediate landlords. We can assist in providing a Valuation figure for a Section 45 notice under the Leasehold Reform, Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 for Landlords or a Section 42 notice under the same Act for tenants.

 Similarly, we can provide Valuation advice on Section 13 notices for leaseholders wanting collective enfranchisement to buy their freehold. Similarly valuation advice for Section 15 notices for freeholders who have received a Section 13 notice.

If a freeholder wants to sell his or her interest in a property where there are leaseholds, they must first serve a Section 5 Notice under the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987, for which we can provide a Valuation.

If a leaseholder of a house wants to buy the freehold, they must serve a tenants notice under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967. A Landlord (freeholder) may want to serve a 'notice in reply' to protect their position on the extent of what is to be sold. We can provide a Market Valuation report for a Tenants Notice or Notice in Reply (or subsequent negotiations) under the Leasehold Reform Act 1967.

We regularly negotiate settlements for lease extensions and enfranchisements (including collective enfranchisement) for leaseholders and freeholders.

court compliant reports

Market Valuations for Court reports can be for a number of reasons.

For example, where a divorcing couple are separating and splitting their assets. Often this would involve one divorcee buying the other out of their share of a property when one person moves out. The parties may be tense. Emotions are raw. However we provide completely impartial Market Valuation reports, completely Independent Market Valuation Reports. This is because RICS requirements are that Court compliant Market Valuation reports are subject to the rules in the RICS Red Book. One of these is that we must act with complete independence. We would normally be jointly appointed by the divorcing parties, a solicitor acting for one of them (with agreement from the other) or directly by the Court. However we are appointed, we cannot and will not under any circumstances be influenced by any of the parties involved.

Similarly, we receive requests for Retrospective valuation reports to determine the Market Value of a residential property on a date in the past. This may for example be because of accusations of professional negligence from another Chartered Surveyor or abuse of trust by someone exerting undue influence on someone else to sell a property at an undervalue. The principles are the same – we act with complete Independence, not influenced by any of the parties involved. 

RICS home surveys

If you are buying a property, Home Surveys are a good way to avoid unexpected costs in the future. Having a trained surveyor look at the property will give you an idea of how much money you might need to spend after you buy it. Often the Surveyor’s advice can be used to negotiate the purchase price down if works are needed or to ask the seller to undertake works before exchange of contracts.

There are three main types of Home Surveys that be done:

1.       Level 1 Survey (Condition Report) – This is the entry level survey and describes the condition of the property and highlights any potential risks. There is no advice or remedies for any issues raised within the report. This type of Survey is common for new build properties or properties in good condition

2.       Level 2 Survey (HomeBuyer Report) – This is by far the most common report we provide. S. It is adequate for almost all types of properties and is more in depth that the condition report. It will highlight any evident structural issues any other potentially hidden problems. The surveys do not look past the floorboards or walls during their inspection.

3.       Level 3 Survey (Building Survey and formerly known as a Structural Survey)– This report is the most in depth and is useful to people buying older or run-down properties as it highlights any potential problems, provides advice on how to deal with the more common problems and states the consequences of not dealing with them.


When buying a property, you want to be sure than your investment is safe, so it is important to have a Home Survey carried out to reduce any potential risks. Our building pathology specialist and Chartered Surveyor has close to 30 years of experience and has helped thousands of clients. If you would like to find out more, speak to our team today.