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We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors providing a range of Residential Valuations. We are also RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Registered Valuers.

If you’d like to discuss one of our team providing you with a Market Valuation, please call us on 020 8017 1943 or e-mail


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Statutory tax valuations

If you’ve been advised by your solicitor, financial advisor, accountant or tax advisor to seek an RICS Red Book Inheritance tax or Capital Gains tax valuation, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Chartered Surveyors are RICS Registered Valuers and have valued numerous Residential properties for the purpose of assessing Inheritance tax or Capital Gains tax. We can’t tell you how much tax you need to pay, what tax exemptions you should be applying for or what rate of tax you are due to pay. However, we can tell you the Market Value of a residential property on the date of valuation we are required to assess the property Value at.

Our Chartered Surveyors are all RICS Registered Valuers and have significant experience in providing Valuations to aid the assessment of others on how much tax you are required to pay.

We are also ready to defend our reports to HMRC in the unlikely event of a challenge. However, our reports are extremely rarely challenged, due largely to the level of detail and justification of our opinions reached within it.

reports within a week

If you have considered having your home valued professionally, or have been ask by your solicitor or accountant to organise a Market Valuation, here are some reason to use Websters Surveyors:

-          Experience – our team has over 75 years of combined industry experience and have carried out thousands of Market Valuation reports for all purposes.

-          Local Knowledge –Most of our team have grown up and lived in London and surrounding areas. Each member of our team has areas that they know better than others and we try where possible to ensure that your Valuation report is provided by someone who knows the local market conditions very well. Over the years our team has developed good relations with local solicitors, estate agents, accountants, and mortgage brokers.

-          RICS Registered Valuers – Our surveyors that undertake Market Valuations are both members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and also RICS Registered Valuers, the latter meaning that we have demonstrated professional competence and experience in dealing with Red Book Valuations

-          Thorough and quick Reports – We aim to provide our reports within a week of inspection. All of the cases we take on are thoroughly researched, properly investigated with the most up to date advice.

Market Valuations are undertaken for a variety of purposes. For example, they may be used to calculate tax liabilities such as capital gains or inheritance tax, to buy out more equity in a Shared ownership property, to pay off part or all of a Help to buy loan and for the division of assets in a divorce case.

Regardless of your situation, Websters Surveyors are happy to help. Speak to our team today to find out more.

court reports

Court proceedings Market Valuations are required for a number of different reasons. Often the Valuation report is for a retrospective valuation, that is for a date which has already past.

Court compliant Valuation reports are prepared in accordance with the RICS Red Book and the Civil Procedure Rules (Part 35) for expert witnesses.

Reports can be for traditional courts such as Crown or Magistrates and also for what are often considered as the Property Courts, known as the First Tier Tribunal or the Upper Tribunal of the Lands Chamber.

In preparing Court reports, we act in the capacity as an Expert Witness. That means that our duty of care is to the legal process, not to any individual party. The content of our reports therefore cannot be unduly influenced by any of the parties involved. They are prepared on the basis of complete independence from the process and impartiality of reporting.

We have three team members who provide court compliant reports, who between them share over 70 years industry experience. They are all Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers, with two of them holding the position of Director.