Chartered Surveyors in kentish Town

We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in London providing a range of Residential Valuations and Surveys. We are also RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Registered Valuers.

If you’d like to discuss one of our team providing you with a Market Valuation or Home Survey report, please call us on 020 8017 1943 or e-mail


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We are occasionally asked to recommend a professional connection. Typically another Surveyor, Solicitor, accountant, financial advisor, mortgage broker or Planning consultant. 

Though we accept no responsibility for the firms we recommend, we do try to provide honest advice and put our clients in touch with someone that we believe will serve them well. Quite often this will be in collaboration a service we are providing. Sometimes, it will be entirely unconnected. 

We’re proud to receive lots of referrals from other professionals and from existing and former clients. We know how hard it can be to find someone who understands your requirements, can act in a strategic as well as technical manner and who won’t cost the earth to do so. As such, we’re happy to provide a recommendation where we are able to, whether we’re able to help you ourselves as we well or not. 


Capital Gains tax is payable on the increase in value between two specified dates on an Investment property. As such, you may have been advised by a solicitor, accountant or other professional that you need what is known as an RICS Red Book compliant Market Valuation report. 

We can’t determine your tax but if you tell us the date that you’d like the Value assessed at, our Chartered Surveyors & RICS Registered Valuers, can provide you with a report. And quickly too with most of our reports provided within a week of instruction. 

Similar, if you need an Inheritance tax (IHT) Market Valuation report, that is Red Book compliant, our team can help you. We’ll need to know the date of death and be provided with contact details to arrange access if possible. If the death is due to Coronavirus (Covid-19), we’ll need to discuss additional practical arrangements for an inspection to ensure safety. 


We live in very uncertain times. A combination of Brexit and Coronavirus has created Valuation uncertainty so the decisions we make on property transactions are perhaps riskier than ever before. As such, when making decisions on what property to buy, whether to extend a lease or on related property matters such as on taxation, compulsory purchase and immigration, getting good quality professional advice is essential. 

There’s a huge difference in the quality of advice available in the market but the designation ‘Regulated by RICS’ is a good watermark, providing reassurance that firms like ours are required to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors tell us what should be in our Terms of Engagement, what guidance we should follow when preparing Valuation or Survey reports and how to behave in our interactions with our client base. 

All of our qualified Surveyors have also attained the status of ‘RICS Registered Valuer’ as well which means they’ve proven to our regulatory body that they can demonstrate technical expertise and sufficient valuation experience. 

We are proud to be regulated by RICS and hold its standards to strict compliance as we should do.