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We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in London providing a range of Residential Valuations and Surveys. We are also RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Registered Valuers.

If you’d like to discuss one of our team providing you with a Market Valuation or Home Survey report, please call us on 020 8017 1943 or e-mail


Rics home surveys

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rics home surveys

A Home Survey will describe the construction and condition of the property and identify and problems that need urgent attention or which are serious. It will also identify things that need to be investigated further to prevent serious damage and inform you about problems that may be dangerous. Defects are identified and any structural concerns (subsidence, wall-tie failure, lintel failure, heave etc) are explained.  If there is penetrating damp, rising damp or latent damp or condensation, it will identify it and the cause. 

A Level 2 Survey (formerly known as a Homebuyer report) or a Level 3 Survey (formerly known as Building Survey or a Structural Survey) will enable you to budget for any repairs or restoration and will be aimed at helping you decide whether you need any additional advice before committing to the purchase. 

A Level 3 Survey will provide an estimate of costs for identified repairs, provide comments on energy efficiency and will describe visible defects whilst exposing potential problems posed by hidden defects.

Statutory tax valuations

Market Valuations for Taxation are Statutory Valuations and are therefore subject to legislation such as –

- Section 272 Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992

- Section 160 Inheritance Tax Act 1984

- Section 118 Finance Act 2003

- Section 98(8) Finance Act 2013

As Chartered Surveyors & RICS Registered Valuers, we have to have an understanding of the valuation requirements that HMRC expect of RICS Red Book compliant Valuations such as those for –

- Capital Gains Tax

- Inheritance Tax

- Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

- Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)

Our Chartered Surveyors are RICS Registered Valuers and are highly experienced in providing valuations for Statutory purposes such as for tax assessments.

Our reports are thorough and should withstand scrutiny by HMRC

local knowledge

We’re based in High Barnet so know it very well. Our office is just a five minute walk from the Spires Shopping Centre on Barnet High Street. We love our local community. When we’re not at work, our team can often be found in one of the eateries on the High Street. We even have the occasional team meeting in the Red Lion Pub. One of our recent charitable donations was £1800 to local charity Noah’s Ark Children’s hospice whose work is invaluable to the local community. 

Our connection with the area undoubtedly means that that we end of up regularly providing Valuations and Surveys locally too. This experience means that we know the evidence well to establish Market value and we know the property types well which helps with a Home Survey.