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We are a firm of Chartered Surveyors based in London providing a range of Residential Valuations and Surveys. We are also RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Registered Valuers.

If you’d like to discuss one of our team providing you with a Market Valuation or Home Survey report, please call us on 020 8017 1943 or e-mail


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need a connection?

The property industry works like a team sport. We like to be the star player when we can but without quality team members, the service that you want may be incomplete. We work with lots of likeminded property professionals who we’re happy to recommend.

We’re also happy to expand our network so if you think you could provide high quality professional advice to our client base and work with us, please get in touch.

We regularly recommend and work with lease extension or enfranchisement specialists. We work with solicitors who specialise in probate or capital gains tax, with conveyancing solicitors and with an array of other professionals including mortgage brokers, accountants, architects and planning consultants.

Hopefully we can help you as well but even if we can’t we will try to recommend you to someone we can.

rics red book valuation reports

Are you considering Staircasing on your Housing Association shared equity property?

Or selling under Compulsory Purchase rules?

Or are you a charity who needs to buy or sell UK property?

Or are you buying additional equity under the Governments Help to Buy scheme?

Or does your property benefit from an HMO Licence and you want to know whether it can be valued on an Investment basis?

Or do you need a Valuation for an assessment of Capital Gains Tax?

Or perhaps you need a Market Valuation to help you gain probate?

Or many many more purposes for a Market Valuation.

These are all types of Market Valuation which there is RICS guidance on, most of which in the RICS Valuation Global Standards including the UK National Supplement (together known as the RICS Red Book).

They are all types of Valuation reporting that if you need a report, it should be done by an RICS Regulated Surveyor like Websters Surveyors. Ideally, an RICS Registered Valuer like all of our Surveyors are will provide the report. Being an RICS Registered Valuer means that the Surveyor has proven competency in providing Red Book Valuations to our regulatory body, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

rics home surveys

A Home Survey provides a health check for the property you are considering buying. There are many things that our highly experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors look out for when undertaking a Survey. For example –

Structural movement: Easily misinterpreted, evidence of structural movement, either in the form of subsidence, or shrinkage needs to be assessed in relation to a number of factors in order to properly identify the likely cause and remedial action required.

Flashings: Adequate protection between building components such as chimneys, roofs, gables and parapets, etc, need to be adequately protected by suitable forms of weatherproofing. Although appearing sound, the incorrect specification needs to be identified.

Drainage: Surface water drainage is becoming increasingly relevant as the weather becomes wetter. Poorly maintained systems, often in older materials, can lead to expensive repairs internally and externally.

For further explanation including other examples (e.g roof void party walls, alterations and roofing framework), our Home Surveys pages have a helpful booklet you can download.