Valuations or Surveys for Court reports

Valuations or Surveys pursuant to litigation are some of the most interesting reports that our team of Chartered Surveyors get to undertake. Ranging from disputed valuations by banks, division of property assets within a marriage for a divorce, professional negligence by other Chartered Surveyors to cases of property theft and abuse of trust, they are always fascinating.

These are normally retrospective valuations, to asset the Market Value of a property or number of properties on a specific date in the past. Quite often, requests to us would come from solicitors and our appointment is commonly on the basis of being a Single Joint Expert.

Occasionally they can be current day valuations such as where they concern values of assets held in a marriage, where the couple are divorcing. In cases like these, our report will often be supplied directly to the court.

Similarly, Surveys can be to assess whether other Chartered Surveyors have failed in their duty of care to identify defects when undertaking their own Surveys.

Undertaking Valuation work which is to be used in litigation is highly demanding but a skill which our team have used on a number of occasions. If the report you’re asking us to undertake may be used in current or future litigation, it is important to let us know that at the outset. That way we can ensure that our report is compliant with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure rules (CPR) 1998 so is ready to be used.

Where we are appointed to provide Court reports, it is important to be aware that we have an overriding duty to the court, regardless of who our instructing party is. This is compliant with the RICS guide ‘Surveyors Acting as Expert Witnesses’.

It is also important to be aware that applications to the First Tier Tribunal for Leasehold reform matters (lease extensions and collective enfranchisement) or Upper Tribunal of the Lands Chamber for Compulsory Purchase are not litigious matters. They are Valuation tribunals, not Courts, albeit some of the same rules of evidence and conduct apply.

Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and with most of these reports undertaken Chartered Surveyors with 20+ years industry experience, you can rest assured you are in safe hands with Websters Surveyors.

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